Grief management

Grief, Mourning, Bereavement

For some, grieving can be a very sweet pain that has meaningfulness and reminds them of how wonderful it was to have had the person, animal, job, or whatever in their life.  However, sometimes this process becomes a self-damaging behavior causing emotional and/or physical discomfort.  Often time’s feelings of unsettled business or guilt are associated with the grieving process making the healing process more difficult.

It’s normal to feel sadness, depression, and even anger following a loss. As time passes, these feelings and emotions should become less intense. If the feelings remain intense or intensifies, it is important to get help.  The goal of grief reduction is to provide a level of emotional comfort to a person so that a person can get back to living their own life at a reasonably functional level as soon as possible after a loss.

In hypnosis, a grieving person can begin to feel some relief through the relaxation and calming techniques used followed by positive suggestions and imageries to fosters a sense of hope and relief.

Hypnosis can assist in the process of grief, mourning and bereavement.