Memory is the process of retaining and retrieving information which is stored in our mind. But what about those times when information such as a familiar name or phone number has seemed to disappear from  memory at the most inopportune moment but then somehow reappears hours later.

Many times the loss of recall has to do with the amount of stress a person is under at the time they are trying to access information from their mind.  The less stress and anxiety one experiences the easier it is to both recall information and learn new information. Hypnosis is a great avenue to enhance learning and memory recall. Hypnosis can help create a relaxed state of mind while studying for a test or making a presentation which will result in better retention and recall.

There are many more uses for hypnosis that for studying or exams.  Hypnosis might very well save time, money and frustration.  Many people seek hypnosis as a means to find lost items such as car keys, jewelry, money, important documents, safe combinations, etc.  Imagine the stress of needing important documents in order to finalize a big sale but the more you try to remember the more stressed you become which aids in greater loss of memory recall.

When a person is placed in an hypnotic state the mind and body are relaxed, the subconscious mind then has a greater ability to recall even the most insignificant bits of information.

“Hypnosis helps you learn how to control your mind, how to focus and use your memory effectively. Hypnosis connects with the subconscious mind and uses certain powers, which is the source of memory. By improving your ability to focus and your concentration, you will stop forgetting facts or events. Hypnosis is therefore an effective option to memory improvement.

In addition to this, Hypnosis will reduce your stress level, improve your self-confidence and change your life completely for the better. Hypnosis uses simple and powerful techniques to enhance your memory and concentration.”

American Chronicle, September 2006