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Hypnosis as Pain Relief

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Hypnosis as pain relief really works. Many health care professionals use it to help patients overcome pain and anxiety.  If hypnosis can be used to replace or supplement anesthesia during surgery, it can certainly be used for reducing or eliminating discomfort while getting pierced, or while getting or removing a tattoo.


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To receive a tattoo involves pricking the skin with sharp needles, so it’s not surprising that it hurts.  Each person has a different pain threshold.  Some say they feel minor discomfort but others may describe a pain similar to a burn.  Some quickly find getting a tattoo is so painful they stop the process before the art has been completed.  Some people say enduring the pain is an integral part of the experience, while others would rather avoid pain as much as possible. Choosing a less sensitive part of the body and taking some form of pain killer before the tattoo are ways some people lessen the pain. For some people, hypnosis is another option for pain control.

Hypnosis and Modern Medicine

Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. The rituals of many ancient cultures involve “trance” states that resemble hypnosis. In recent years, doctors have begun to study how hypnosis might be used in modern medical practice.  A number of research findings suggests that hypnosis can help with healing wounds, reduce or eliminate the pain of childbirth, calm anxiety before surgery and speeding recovery.

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