I am an ordinary guy who has a desire to help others.  I became aware of hypnosis a few years ago when a family member was dealing with chronic pain issues and medication was not helping much.  I studied the benefits of hypnosis and decided to become a certified clinical hypnotist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.  I have since helped a number of people with issues such as pain management, insomnia, phobias, anxiety, panic, pre-surgery fear, dental fear, alcoholism, grief, weight loss, test anxiety, and more.

I own and operate Ideal Hypnosis, a very small but personal, hypnosis business designed around customer service and individual attention.  I do not operate this business as my sole means of income; therefore, I can limit the number of clients and maximize the amount of time I spend with each client.

If you have an issue, which you believe hypnosis can help; give me a call for a free consultation.   I will be happy to discuss a custom plan of action that is right for you.