Free Consultation Session

Are you wondering what hypnosis is and how it can help you?   Call me and I will discuss the benefits of hypnosis.  We will talk about your goal or issue, and then discuss the process so that you will feel comfortable and ready to use hypnosis to achieve your desired results. You may schedule a get acquainted meeting without hypnosis, which is offered at no-cost, before your first hypnotherapy session.

I am not a medical doctor or a mental health professional and I do not give medical or mental health advice.  If your issue is medical in nature, I will require a physician’s approval to use hypnosis, in addition to your doctor’s medical treatment, before the first hypnosis session.  If you are seeing a mental health professional, I will require a mental health professional’s approval to use hypnosis, in addition to mental health treatment, before the first hypnosis session.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Your sessions will focus on you and your current immediate needs.  You will be guided into hypnosis, which is a state of receptive concentration and relaxation.   While you are in hypnosis, specific positive suggestions and vivid imagery will be used to address your goal or issue.  During the session you will be in complete control and able to hear and understand what is being said.  You have the ability to exit from hypnosis, at will, if you so desire.

How many sessions will you need?  That really depends upon you and what you to achieve and the issue at hand.  Many issues can be solved with one session.  Rarely will any issue need more than six sessions.