Academic Performance

The reasons for poor academic performance varies for each person and are often complex; however, many times it’s due to common and  straight forward issues such as stress or anxiety.  Many times people can do very well on daily grades or, when not under pressure, but freeze or go blank when tested even-though they know the material.

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to release built up stress, anxiety, and frustrations.  Your mind and body is much less able to recall needed information or perform task when you are under stress or forced into an uncomfortable situation and when this happens we automatically go into a fight or flight response. This is your body’s natural survival response and is a wonderful asset if you need to defend yourself, or run away from a no win situation.  However, this is not a good response if you must perform adequately to pass a test or exam.  If your mind has ever gone blank, under stress, most likely your mind has decided to exercise its option for survival by running off and leaving you hanging out to dry.

Poor academic performance can also add to day-to-day stress levels which unfortunately serves to exacerbate the condition, which leads to more stress and often depression or low self-esteem.  It would be rare if sometime in your life you didn’t experience test anxiety at least once.  You know the feeling:

Uncomfortable anticipation

Feeling of “I’m doomed”

Queasy stomach

Heart racing

Fast breathing

Flush, feeling hot, feeling sick

Fear (failure, disappointing others, looking stupid, etc.)

Test anxiety is certainly not limited to written tests.  Many test are based on performance where you must demonstrate ability or skill such as:


Sports tryouts

License test (driver, pilot, paramedic, law, etc.)

Entrance exams (ACT, SAT, Military, GRE, GMAT, etc..)

Hypnosis can dramatically improve your ability to do well on test and exams.