July 2015


Hypnosis was truly a MIRACLE after years of life-altering pain!

In 2011 my wife entered a nightmare of constant daily pain, headache and seizures after a root canal. The dental procedure somehow injured the nerve in her jaw causing unrelenting pain. Screaming, crying, rolling on the floor pain!
I set out to educate myself on Post Traumatic Trigeminal Neuropathy. We saw top doctors in this field at UT Southwestern, MD Anderson John Peter Smith, Mayo Clinic & Cleveland Clinic. For over 4 years we were told “there’s nothing we can do for you” by 36 specialists and paid a fortune to try every possible treatment — jaw surgery, brain surgery, medications, acupuncture, IV antibiotics, lasers, electrical treatment, steroid injections, neck injections, botox injection, radiation, chiropractic care, creams, vitamins, nerve tranquilizers….no improvement.

My father suggested she try hypnosis.  At her next doctor’s visit, we questioned her doctor about trying hypnosis.  Her doctor was extremely receptive and instantly gave us a doctor’s referral to use hypnosis for pain control.

I stayed home with the kids while my wife went to her hypnosis appointment.  A little over an hour later she arrived home with NO jaw pain.  In one session Kyle was able to do something that 36 specialist could not do! Unbelievable! She said it was as if he removed the affected nerve. Somehow he told her brain to turn it off; essentially.

It’s important to note that this pain was not ‘in her head’. The dysfunctional peripheral nerves light up on a nerve conduction test – showing they are constantly sending pain signals to the brain, as if they were on fire! The nerves themselves were broken.

We are now on a mission to find out why she still has a daily headache. It is believed this may be hormonal. However; we can never thank Kyle enough for what he has done for my wife and our young family.

I have become somewhat of an expert on pain treatment. I recommend anyone experiencing pain to try this. Don’t wait 4 years!


A very grateful family




June 19, 2015

Dear Kyle,

There aren’t enough words to thank you for all that you have done for our son Thomas through hypnosis. We want to share our experience in hopes that it may possibly help someone else.

In 2008, my son Thomas, then 23 years old was in a Motocross accident and suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. He has short term memory loss, the right side of his body is weaker, and he experiences muscle tone (spasticity) on his right side. We were told Thomas would most probably never walk, talk, feed himself or be self-sufficient in any way.

Over the years we have overcome many, many obstacles. We never gave up hope. Today, Thomas is able to feed him-self, he talks and carries on conversations, sings and makes rhymes, showers and dresses himself, and is even walking with a walker now by himself.

With God, lots of prayers, lots of hard work, our faith and with the help of hypnosis this year, we have made much headway.

The one obstacle that we have struggled to overcome since his accident was the fear and anxiety that Thomas was experiencing. This was progressively getting worse, and is not uncommon to have with severe head injuries. It was literally “crippling” Thomas from moving forward and doing anything. He would “freak out” while sitting in his wheelchair, on his electric scooter, getting in and out of bed, basically any movements he made he’d have an attack. Even our dogs walking on our wooden floors, he could just be sitting at the table, or we walking by him could bring on an attack.

Early on in his recovery around 2009, I had read about Hypnosis and some research and how it was being used with some TBI’s. There wasn’t much research on it, and I couldn’t find anyone that had worked with a TBI Survivor, so I tucked the thought away.

This year in 2015, I knew I had to do something or try to get help for Thomas. I couldn’t watch my son suffer anymore, and I was at my wit’s end, I was desperate. Thomas is not able to take any type of anxiety medications as these heighten his anxieties and make them much worse. I was talking to a friend about our situation and voicing my interest in hypnosis again and this conversation led us to Kyle. I firmly believe that God always open the doors when we need them opened and in his perfect timing, not ours.

Kyle came to our home and met with Thomas. Kyle spoke with him, and got to know him by asking many questions and listening. Kyle took the information he gathered and then put together a plan of where he would start and the goals that he and we wanted to achieve.

We began our journey with Kyle this year in February of 2015.

Right after we met Kyle, before our first session Thomas broke his foot! We were now back in the wheelchair! We decided to go forward with the sessions anyways as our first goal was to work on the fear and anxiety attacks to try and get them under control.

Immediately after our first session, we began to see improvements, as Thomas began to move freely in the wheelchair by himself, offering to help me cook dinner, load the dish washer, put his own clothes away and much more! We continued to have weekly sessions, as we would go back and forth with the levels of anxiety. It was slowly getting better. Six weeks later, we now have the cast off, and are back using the walker.

After every session we had with Kyle, we had seen improvements! Some are just mind blowing, and others are very subtle. To date we have made so much progress!! My heart is over flowing with joy and relief. Relief that my son is not crippled by fear and is able to have confidence in himself to do things and to try to do things that he hasn’t because he was full of fear and anxiety.

Two weeks ago, the first week of June 2015, Kyle had a session with Thomas just before going on his vacation. Oh My Gosh!!! I can’t wait for Kyle to get back so I can tell him all the progress Thomas has made in the past few weeks.

His memory long and short term have been firing up, he is using his walker without any assistance at all, he even walked out to the elevator on the back deck, went down to pool, swam in pool, got out and walked to elevator, went up and into the house All By Himself!! Amen!!

I am not only seeing physical changes in my son but I am seeing mental changes as well. He has confidence in himself again, his desire to do things for him-self is back, his attitude towards himself and conquering tasks, and so much more!! Most importantly, his fears and anxiety are very minimal. He may start to have an attack (only when maneuvering his walker in turns), but will immediately begin to talk to himself and proceeds to get through it very quickly!! I’m so amazed by our minds and what they are capable of.

I can’t wait to get to the TBI Support Group and share this with all of the other survivors!! This is a huge breakthrough!! We are seven years into this recovery and this is the only thing that has worked regarding Thomas’s fears and anxieties!

I truly hope that this will help anyone that suffers with anxiety or anything else for that matter. However, I have seen the physical and emotional pain caused by anxiety and it is horrible and as a caregiver you are totally helpless.

Kyle you have had a significant impact in our lives! I thank God for giving you this gift, and you for taking the challenge of my son, a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, as I know this was new territory for you!

Simply Amazing!

We are Blessed to have you in our lives.


Thank You and Warm Regards,

Jean Stout, Thomas Schuler and Family

P.S. Thomas does ask for continued prayers in his recovery!


(Pain relief, anxiety)

I was suffering from anxiety for a while when my sister told me about Kyle and hypnosis. Having been diagnoses with MS almost 3 years ago, I have what I call my “healthcare team” and I have chosen other “alternative” treatments, so hypnosis was not a crazy idea to me. I talked with several of my doctors (PCP, neurologist, psychologist, chiropractor) about doing hypnosis for stress and anxiety (both are very bad for people with MS!) all of them where on board with the idea. Being devout Catholic, I also talked to my priest. After he and I both did some research on Catholic teaching on the subject of hypnosis https://www.ewtn.com/library/DOCTRINE/HYPNOTSM.TXT, I decided to give it a try. Thunder storms had become an issue for my anxiety, day or night thunder and lighting would cause me to have an anxiety attack. This was a new problem that just started this spring, and the first thing we addressed with hypnosis. The only thing that bothered me about the last thunder storm was trying to get dinner cooked on the grill before the storm hit! I was so unaffected by the storm that I did not realize just how bad it was, until I saw pictures of the downtown area on facebook and it was flooded! There were also lots of pictures of the dark clouds, tree branches down! When I realized just how bad the storm was and that I did not have an anxiety attack, I was sold on hypnosis hook, line and sinker! I look forward to continued treatment with Kyle to address other health issues!

I now use self hypnosis to help me to sleep, relax, and pray. Because of my MS my muscles get really tight and I stretch regularly, on days when it’s particularly painful and difficult, I am able to use self hypnosis to get a much better stretch without the pain.

Martha Phillips

(Test anxiety)

Out of desperation, I called Ideal Hypnosis to see if using hypnosis could help with my 16 year old daughter’s test anxiety. I told Mr. Neal about how my daughter was making A’s and B’s on her geometry homework; however, each time she took a geometry test she was unable to score higher than 70%. There is no doubt my daughter knew the material but she did not know why she kept getting low test scores.

I was allowed to watch the hypnosis session. The hypnosis session only lasted about 20 minutes and it was over. As we walked away my daughter said she felt really relaxed but she could not remember what was said or done. I remember thinking I was an idiot for wasted money on a gimmick. The next day she called me with pure excitement in her voice. My daughter told me she made the highest score of anyone from all four of this teacher’s geometry classes.

I don’t know how or why hypnosis works but at this point I don’t care. My daughter definitely has more confidence now.


(Pain relief)

I was in the audience of a hypnosis comedy show, while I was in college many years ago, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever need or use hypnotherapy.   Recently I was in so much pain (due to on-going cancer treatments) that I was willing to try anything to get just the slightest pain relief. I called the hypnotist at Ideal Hypnosis and told him my problem.   I was told he would require a doctor’s referral before hypnosis could be used to reduce my pain. My doctor had no problem with me seeking non pharmaceutical pain management options and was happy to write a referral letter. My doctor told me he has heard and read good things about hypnosis and was curious to hear my results.

The day of the appointment I was in so much pain there was no way I could drive. Mr. Kyle Neal drove to my home to meet with me. Before going into hypnosis, we discussed my pain level, pain locations and the reason for my pain.   After some small talk I remember relaxing and drifting off. I can remember hearing a voice around me and can vaguely recall bits and pieces of what was said why I was hypnotized.

When I opened my eyes I had no idea how long I was in hypnosis until I looked at the clock to see it had been over an hour. I would have bet my life’s savings I had only closed my eyes for 20 minutes. I accessed my pain level and could tell I was not hurting as much; however, I was still experiencing some manageable pain. Even the slightest pain reduction was welcomed.

The miracle happened the next morning. I got up and was virtually pain free. I went ahead and took a pain pill because I was afraid of getting behind the pain curve. The rest of the day I was able to physically work in the yard and in fact I missed taking three scheduled pain pills because I wasn’t feeling but minor discomfort.

This pain relief and increased mobility has now lasted two weeks. I can only hope this will continue from now on. Mr. Neal did say additional sessions may be needed as my body changes and as further cancer treatments are performed.


(Alcohol addiction)

Hypnosis Works!

I want to give this testimonial because hypnosis worked for me. I have been an alcoholic for over 20 years. I use alcohol to self-medicate my anxiety and panic attacks. I saw Kyle three times over six week. After the first two times I could tell my anxiety level had dramatically slowed down but I could not stop drinking. A few hours after my third visit, I walked into my favorite convenience store and instantly became nauseous. I realized I could smell beer and the mere smell of beer was making me sick. I turned around and walked out empty handed.

I have not had a beer for the past 17 days and the thought of drinking a beer no longer interest me.


(Needle phobia)

Kyle Neal has been a friend for many years. Just last week I told him I had to take weekly injections but I was unable to stick myself with a needle. I was forced to get other people to give me my injections. I was not scared of the needle and I was not worried about the pain but for some reason I could not stick myself.   Kyle suggested hypnosis to overcome my inability to give myself a shot. Less than an hour later I was giving myself an injection. One week later I gave myself another injection with no hesitation. WOW!


(Fear of flying)

I came to Ideal Hypnosis because anytime I had flown in the past I would sweat and shake with fear. I would avoid flying for this reason but unfortunately I was scheduled to fly to Europe in a few weeks and the closer the date the more worried I became. I left the hypnosis office feeling a little better about my trip but I still had no idea if I could step into the airplane without fear. Long story short – Round trip with ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES!


(Weight loss)

I wanted to write and thank you for helping me lose weight. I don’t know what you said to me while I was in hypnosis but it worked. Ever since our sessions I have no desire to drink sodas or other sweet type drinks. In fact I find myself drinking mostly water. I think cutting out sugary drinks has helped me lose my weight. Twelve pounds and counting!

P.S.  I’m also sleeping better!


(Dental fear)

Dental visits no longer scare me. Thanks!


(Pain relief)

I have been dealing with pain for over 20 years due to my multiple scoliosis. There is not a single day that goes by without pain and some days the pain is debilitating. Hypnosis actually lowered my pain level to a manageable level.


(Drug addiction)

Without working with Kyle I could have never made it through drug rehabilitation lockdown. Hypnosis gave me the mental power (mind over matter) to get clean.



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