Weight loss


wieght loss 2Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Most overweight people know the many complications associated with carrying excess weight such as shortness of breath, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.  Any one of these issues can be life threatening.  A large number of overweight people have tried several diets and/or methods of weight loss and may have been successful, for a short time, and then either lost momentum or reached their goal and quickly gained the weight back plus a few pounds.

Hypnosis can help by identifying what relationship the subconscious mind has surrounding the consumption of unhealthy food/drink or why a person eats in excess or when they’re not hungry. Hypnosis helps in identifying these situations that trigger their dependency and after a person understands their relationship with food and learns the triggers that cause dependency.   Hypnosis can help change the subconscious response to those triggers to where a person no longer seeks out unhealthy foods or eats in excess.  When a person no longer eats or drinks in an unhealthy manner (junk food, soda, etc.) then the weight naturally disappears and weight loss can be maintained.


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