What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a wonderful and natural state very similar to the state we enter before we fall asleep.  Everyone has most likely experienced hypnosis while conducting activities such as driving a car.  If you have ever arrived at your destination and suddenly realized you do not recall all or part of your drive, yet you were able to safely arrive at your destination, then you were in hypnosis.  Perhaps you have found yourself crying while reading a book or watching a movie.  Most likely you found yourself feeling or imagining yourself as part of the situation. 

The subconscious mind acts as your automatic pilot.  This area of the mind is where our emotions, beliefs, and habits reside.  This part of our mind also has an enormous impact on our body’s tendency to be healthy or ill, relaxed or anxious.  By effectively communicating with the subconscious mind we can have astonishing positive life changing results.

In the state of hypnosis, our subconscious mind is open to receiving suggestions, provided the suggestions are presented in a manner the subconscious understands.  The Hypnotist guides you into hypnosis, that deep trance like state where your subconscious mind is very alert and highly suggestible.  At this point, the suggestions are made to bring about the changes you desire.  In other words, change your autopilot’s method of operation for a positive change in your life.

During hypnosis most people will experience a deep relaxation to bring the body into a balanced state, releasing many of the everyday tensions we carry around.  This deep relaxation helps to quiet the conscious mind, and free up the subconscious mind to receive information more easily.  For some people this is a unique and profoundly peaceful experience.  Some people find it is like the restful feeling that precedes falling asleep or waking. Others find it is a focused concentration similar to being completely absorbed in a good book.  For many it is a familiar feeling, and for others it feels like a unique and brand new experience.